Walk and Talk Therapy

in the Cotswolds and West Oxfordshire

What is walk and talk therapy? 

It is simply that instead of talking in a therapy room or digitally, we walk and talk. We will walk an agreed path/route together in nature, in and around the West Oxfordshire and Cotswolds area, whilst engaging in therapy where I will encourage you to explore your issues and struggles. You don’t have to be super fit to engage in walk and talk therapy, we can go at your pace, whether that’s a slow walk or a faster paced power walk. Some people prefer to find a nice spot by a river in which to then engage with therapy. I work with what works best for you.

What are the benefits of walk and talk counselling?

I have always really enjoyed being out in nature and the countryside, so it felt right for me to offer walk and talk therapy, where you are able to explore your issues, whilst being in amongst nature, without the confines of 4 walls, some clients also prefer being able to walk and talk, rather than sitting directly opposite from each other. Some have said that they find it a gentler and more comfortable approach to therapy.


There are many benefits to being outdoors in nature, from increased well-being, reduced anger, lowered anxiety and depression, lower stress levels, increased confidence and boosted self esteem.


Being in nature can also help to make you feel more relaxed and help to improve your physical health. Research has also shown that walking promotes the release of the brain chemicals called endorphins which help with relaxation.

Is there any research on walk and talk counselling?

Mind carried out extensive research a few years ago which showed that walking in nature can help reduce depression and anxiety, and in a recent survey, they reported that 71% of respondents felt decreased depression and less tense after a “green” walk, while 90% felt their self-esteem increase after a country walk. The NHS also recognises the benefits of the activity on good psychological health and mental well-being.

How long will the sessions be? 

The sessions I generally book are for 50 mins, however I can make this shorter or longer to match what you feel comfortable with.


Where will the sessions be held?

I have various walks we can use across West Oxfordshire. Some by rivers/lakes, some just out in the countryside. We can mutually agree a place and walk that is right for you. For example I have offered sessions around Ducklington Lake in Witney, The country park in Carterton,  a river walk down in Stonesfield, and also around Sherborne Woods on the Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire border. We can also do a path walk if you would prefer. My preference for this would be that it isn’t in a town centre or a busy place. There is a nice path walk around the outskirts of the smiths estate and deer park in Witney.

Can we change the location of our sessions?

Yes, we can change every week if you would like to walk a different area, or we can walk the same area. It is entirely up to you. You also have the option of having some counselling sessions online or over the phone when this suits you better. This is one advantage of  having a walk and talk counsellor who also provides online counselling in Oxford and surrounding areas.

What about the weather? 

If it rains, we have the option to switch to online or telephone, or I am happy to still do the walk if that is what you wish to do.

In the event that it is too hot or snowing, for safety and health, I would probably recommend switching to an online therapy, as above, however it is something we can discuss at the time.