Emma Paddick


Providing Online Counselling in the Oxford, Cirencester and Swindon Areas, and across the UK.

Walk and Talk Counselling in the Cotswolds and West Oxfordshire.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change"

Carl Rogers


Hello, I’m Emma and I am a qualified person centred therapist.

More specifically I am someone who offers you a space to be heard and understood. I believe that one of the greatest gifts you can be given in life is to speak and be truly listened to, heard and understood, this is what I can offer you.

A non-judgmental, friendly, compassionate and confidential space in which to discuss and explore your issues whatever they may be. 

Are you feeling sad, overwhelmed, stressed or full of anxiety? Struggling with family issues, relationships, or with symptoms of depression and low mood?

Do you find yourself feeling “not good enough”? Feeling inadequate, not worthy? Struggling with low self esteem and confidence?

These are thoughts and feelings I have worked with clients extensively on and through, how to reframe those thoughts and feelings, to allow you to feel the opposite of the above. To be able to be kinder and more compassionate to yourself which in turn will promote positive changes in your life and how you feel.

It’s normal to find things difficult at times, and you don’t have to do this on your own.

Starting counselling can feel like a scary experience, but you have already made the first step by being here on my page.

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Online Counselling

For those that would like an online counsellor closer to home, I offer online therapy in Oxford, Cirencester and surrounding areas. I also welcome clients from across the United Kingdom. Online counselling offers great flexibility, is convenient and is equally as effective.

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Walk & Talk Counselling

Experience walk and talk counselling sessions in the Cotswolds and West Oxfordshire. Being in nature has been shown to enhance the therapeutic experience. The walk location can be flexible or we can go for the same walk each session.

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Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is a good option for clients who don't have reliable internet access or who would simply prefer to speak on the phone. It is also a good back up option if wifi connection is lost or a walk and talk session can't take place for whatever reason.

Difficulties I Can Help With

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my first counselling session?

You can expect to be welcomed and greeted and helped to feel comfortable in the session. We will explore what has brought you to counselling and what issues you would like to work on. We may also set some goals of what you would like to be feeling towards the end of therapy or have achieved.

What types of therapy are there?

There are various different models of therapy; CBT, person centred, Psychodynamic, gestalt, Transactional analysis, transpersonal and integrative to name a few. I work from a Person centred core training however I like to work integratively meaning I draw on various models to best suit your needs.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are 50 minutes long, by arrangement we can have longer or shorter sessions if this is something you feel would benefit you.

How do I pay for my counselling sessions?

On confirmation of wanting to book a slot, I ask for payment to be made within 24 hours to my bank account (details of which are in the contract I send over to you) to secure the slot.

How frequently do I need to have counselling?

This is entirely dependent on you. I can offer sessions weekly, fortnightly and even monthly. By discussion I could also look at other options also.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies for everyone. Some people will only require one session, others may need ongoing sessions which can continue as long as you’re finding it useful and helpful. We will review at regular intervals to make sure you are happy.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

I ask for 24 hours’ notice to cancel/reschedule an appointment. Missed appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur full payment. However, I do appreciate accident and emergencies and dependent on circumstance we can discuss. I will try to accommodate moving the session to another day/ time if I am able to.

Are our counselling sessions confidential?

Any information shared during the counselling process will be kept confidential and only shared anonymously with my clinical supervisor, who will not be able to identify you. There are a few other reasons I may need to break confidentiality and these are listed below:


  • I am concerned that there is a serious risk to yourself or to others (Safeguarding).
  • Issues arise that due to legal reasons must be referred on: (Terrorism, Drug trafficking act 1994, Money laundering regulations 2004.
  • If I am summoned to court.

Where possible your agreement to break confidentiality will be sought first.